Florence Private Guide by Paolo Russo

About me
From the moment I set foot in Florence I felt like the city had adopted me. We had found each other; Florence, my true home! Whilst I am not a " native Florentine ", I am proud to say I am a "chosen Florentine" . Right from the start of my life in Florence, I was overwhelmed by all that this city has to offer. Such abundance and generosity, especially, of course, in art and history. There are so many exciting things to read, see and study about this beautiful, captivating city, Florence .

Private guided Open-Air Walking Tour

This is not one of the many Guided Walking Tours of Florence! This is not one of the many Renaissance Walks! This is not one of the many tours of the city! … This is my tailor-made guided Open-Air Walking Tour of Florence!

By the close of this private guided tour, you will have experienced the eyes and heart of the city!