Bargello Museum, my private tour

Bargello Museum, my private tour

During the 1800 was still alive the memory of what was written centuries before : the presence in the Chapel of the Bargello palace (a medieval Palace) of one of the first portraits of Dante Alighieri painted by Giotto and his workshop. Well, the discovery of Dante's portrait was the motivation for the total restoration of the building which in 1865 became a national museum.

What's inside

The Museum has a remarkable collection of sculpture and works of art

What is the "outside"

The Bargello museum occupies an impressive building built for the Capitano del Popolo in the mid-13th century, which later became the seat of the Podesta and Council of Justice

The artists

Since 1865 the palazzo houses the National Museum, bringing together many important Renaissance sculptures, including masterpieces by Donatello (the marble David, the bronze David, the San George), Luca della Robbia (the glazed terracotta technique), Andrea del Verrocchio (the bronze David), Michelangelo (the marble Baccus, the marble David-Apollo, the marble bust of Brutus, the marble Tondo Pitti) , Benvenuto Cellini (marble and bronze statues) , Giambologna (the bronze Bacchus and the bronze flying mercury ) , Bartolomeo Ammannati, Baccio Bandinelli

What else

The museum was subsequently enriched with splendid collections of bronzes, majolica, waxes, enamels, medals, seals, ivories, amber, tapestries, furniture and textiles from the Medici collections and those of private donors. 

The lenght for this private Tour is 2,5 hours 


Tour rates in euro, per group:

1 person=100,00 ; 2 people=130,00 ; 3 people=140,00 ; 4 people=150,00 ; 5 people=160,00 ; 6 people=172,00 ; 7 people=182,00 

( admission fees not included).



  Do we need to buy tickets in advance to visit the Bargello museum?

  It is not so necessary. 

 Is this museum and... your tour too boring for kids?

I think that every tour can be boring or not it depends how a tour guide is able to be “on” during the tour. Besides that you know your kids better than I do :)

 Can we arrange this tour shorter than 2,5 hour?

Of course you can, all my tours are tailor made.

 Can we mix this tour with other tours?

Yes you can.

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