A step back into the past thanks to the museums of Florence

It is not necessarily true that museums are boring. Boring can be the words and tone of voice that are used during the tour. The museums themselves are not necessarily boring.


The word museum can sometimes be scary,  but it scares only if the approach to the museum is wrong. A museum contains things that are important to a community because they are the identity of that community. The museums in Florence are a great gift that we have had from the past and that we must preserve.

The works of art contained in the museums of Florence show us the meaning and significance that the word "Florence" has had over the centuries. To be able to understand and to clearly see (due to works in museums) how art has developed over the centuries (starting from a certain type of art and get to another) is absolutely fascinating. For example why at a certain period painters have passed from the golden background to the real landscapes.

 The museums of Florence enable us to understand and see this and so much more.

 Here are my 6 private guided Tours of the museums: