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Palazzo Vecchio , my private tour

Palazzo Vecchio , my private tour

A medieval palace, updated during the Renaissance, defined during the duchy of Cosimo de Medici (the second Duke of Florence and future first Grand Duke of Tuscany) with important internal works ordered to enhance the role of the new master of the city.  

Administration building or a fortress?

The main actor on Piazza della Signoria is for sure the  Palazzo Vecchio (our Town Hall). It was pretty smaller when the oldest part of it was built (at the end of the 1200s beginning of the 1300s). The oldest part of the palace is the one that " looks like a fortress". There is a reason why the first sponsors of the palace needed to have a building that was both an administrative building and a fortress. The architect of the oldest part of the palace was Arnolfo di Cambio. He was also the first architect of the Duomo

Cosimo I de Medici...again

Many new parts were added to the first part of the palace over the centuries. 

The most significant works were carried out during the administration of Cosimo I de Medici (16th century) who administered from here the city. 

The visit inside the palace is about the " new rooms " built and decorated during 16' century and the old rooms that were just re-decorated during the 16th century. 

Be prepared for

  • Salone dei Cinquecento (the room was already built at the end of 1400 but completely decorated under Cosimo I de Medici),
  • Quartiere di Leone X (with its rooms dedicated to some of the members of the Medici family, "Gods on Earth").
  • Quartiere degli Elementi ( with its rooms dedicated to characters of the Greek mythology, " Gods of Heaven" ).
  • Quartiere di Eleonora di Toledo ( apartment of Cosimo's wife Eleonora di Toledo ).
  • Cappella dei Priori (the chapel of the Priors).
  • Sala delle Udienze (courtroom).
  • Sala dei Gigli (room of lilies), where we admire the masterpiece by DonatelloGiuditta e Oloferne. Sala delle carte geografiche (room of maps). 


The length for this private Tour is 1,5 hour


Discounted tour rates in euro, per group,  2023:

1-2 people=90,00 ; 3 people=105,00 ; 4 people=120,00 ; 5 people=135,00 ; 6 people=150,00 ; 7 people=165,00 

( admission fees not included).



 Do we need to buy tickets in advance to visit the Townhall?

No, you don't, it is not necessary. 

 Is this museum and... your tour too boring for kids?

I think that every tour can be boring or not it depends on how a tour guide is able to be “on” during the tour. Besides that, you know your kids better than I do :)

 Can we arrange this tour shorter than 1,5 hour?

Of course, you can, all my tours are tailor-made.

 Can we mix this tour with other tours?

Yes, you can.

 Will we also climb the clock tower of the Townhall?

With pleasure, if you want. A little bit more than 200 steps. There is an extra ticket (4,00 euro) for that.

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