The Baptistery, my private tour

The Baptistery, my private tour

Entering the Baptistery of Florence means feeling clearly something : the same sensations and emotions that already people like Giotto or Dante Alighieri felt in their time.


I am sure that the very first thing you are going to do once you enter the Baptistery is to raise your eyes to admire the Gothic mosaics of the dome.

Date of birth

The art historians have not yet agreed on the “date of birth” of the Baptistery.

IX century... XI century... ?

Anyway the florentine people were used to see the Baptistery long before the Cathedral, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella and because of this the Baptistery was and is one of the most beloved places of worship in Florence.


Of course when someone thinks to the Baptistery the thoughts go immediately to its 3 doors on its nord, east and south side. Not many visitors expect that as soon as you enter the Baptistery the surprise is endless.

Everytime I am in the Baptistery I have the impression of being inside a big treasure trove of precious things, It is enough to look around to see them all :

One of the first “Renaissance tomb” made by Donatello and Michelozzo for the anti Pope Baldassarre Cossa (John XXIII).

The floor decoration literally carved in marble with geometric and figurative designs.

The floor mosaic of the ancient Roman domus built in the area before the Baptistery (not easy to see).

The dome

The amazing gem is the dome, decorated with mosaics from the first half of the 1200 to the first half of the 1300. The mosaics of the Baptistery's dome are considered among the most important of the italian Middle Ages.

I'm sure once you get into the Baptistery you will not want want to go out before having seen everything!



The length for this private tour of the Baptistery (inside and outside) is 1,5 hour.


Tour rates in euro, per group:

1 person=60,00 ; 2 people=78,00 ; 3 people=93,00 ; 4 people=108,00 ; 5 people=123,00 ; 6 people=138,00 ; 7 people=153,00 

(admission fees not included)



  Do we need to buy a ticket to enter the Baptistery?

Yes you do, but with the same ticket you can visit the ruins of the Cathedral of Santa Reparata, climb Brunelleschi's dome, climb the Bell tower, visit the Duomo's museum. The full price ticket costs 18,00 euro and you can use it whitin 72 hours from first use.

 Do we need to reserve the entrance to the Baptistery in advance?

No you don't, it is not possible at all to reserve the entrance. It is not necessary.

 Can we arrange this tour shorter than 1,5 hours?

Of course you can and the rate will be recalculated. All my tours are tailor made.

 Can we mix this tour with other tours?

Yes you can.

 Can we book only this 1,5 hour tour with you?

es, but it would be great if you book also another tour, maybe the Duomo Tour or the museum of the Duomo Tour:)

 Do we need to dress appropriately for a church?

Yes you do, legs up to the knee and shoulders must be covered.

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